Welcome to 'Guth', the voice of Irish Language and Culture, a bi-lingual website dedicated to Irish Language Development in the Cookstown and Dungannon Borough Council areas.  We hope you find our website useful as you look for what is happening locally with the Irish Language.   

The image of the Irish language has changed a great deal in recent years. Many people are learning and speaking the language, not only in Ireland but also around the world. It is the community language of the Gaeltacht and is gaining strength across Northern Ireland.  If you are interested in learning Irish, click on the buttons below for details of classes at your level.


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There’s always something happening in Irish Language circles.  The latest news, stories and events are regularly added to our pages.


University Diploma in Irish at Cookstown

There are over thirty students currently taking the University of Ulster's Diploma in the Irish Language in Cookstown.  First year students have their classes in The Burnavon Centre every Monday and third Wednesday of the month between 5.30pm amd 8.45pm.  SW College hosts the second year students.  Former students who have successfully completed the Diploma, are now studying for their degree.

An Ciorcal Comhrá - Irish Conversation Circle

'An Ciorcal Comhrá' provides an opportunity for people to get together and use whatever Irish they have in an informal setting.  It is not a class but that is not to say that there is nothing is to be learned when you have a cup of tea or coffee in your hand!  There are groups in Cookstown, Dunagnnon and Coalisland.


Léigh Leat - Irish Language Reading Group

Léigh Leat is a reading group that encourages Irish speakers to take an interest in reading material in the Irish language.  Find out more and get involved with groups in Cookstown, Dungannon and Coalisland!